Fishing in Viren FVO is for both angling and spinning. There are nine fifferent kinds of fishes in the water. The most usual you can see below. You can fish from the beaches around the lake.

At several places you can find a bridge for fishing. (Look under map.)

There are also places for barbecue on some of the islands an on some beaches. (Look at Map)

The usual fishes



Gädda; Hecht; Esox; Pike; Broch; Snoek

Abborre; Barsch; Egli; Flussbarsch; Perch; Perche; Baars
Mört; Rotauge; Plötze; Riddau; Bleier; Roach; Blankvoorn
Braxen; Brasse; Brache; Blei; Bressen; Bleitling oder Brachmen; Bream; Brasem
Ruda; Karausche; Bauernkapfen; Steinkarpfen;Schneiderkarpfen;Moorkarpfen; Crucian carp; Kroeskarper
Sutare; Schleie; Schlüpfling; Schuste; Tench; Zeelt