The area consist of several lakes and the Ronneby river. A total of 700 hectare water with a center depth of approximately 2,5 meters. There are nine different kinds of fishes which can be caught with float fishing or spinnangling.



Best fishing time is spring and autumn. In the spring in sunny bays over the entire lake in the autumn. The best bait is a wobblers or a medium size spoon.                               Minimum size for pike is 40 centimetres.


Spin angling with a little spinner through the entire year. Bait with worm or maggot during the summer close to stones and reeded.

Available in the entire area. Bait with worm, maggot, bread or corn is usually effective. Whitefish finds most likely in reed, waterlillies or other places where they can find shelter from preyfisk like Pike or Perch.



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